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The following are some of expressions which a candidate can use in writing compositions under the following:-

1.The express sadness, confusion or terrifying moments.

-Scared half to death……….

-That was the time hell broke loose…….. -A cry of horror escaped me at the sight of ………

-Anger blocked my throat……….

-A chill ran down my spine……….

-Eyes were as red as berries……….

-Fight tooth and nail……


-The joy I had knew no bounds………

-Build castles in the air………..

-Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks……….

-I jumped in ecstasy………….

-The vibrant smile on the face expressed incredulous joy………

-Crowd applauded thunderously………….

-I walked tall……….

-Ripped of joy filled my heart………..


-Wild cheers rent the air.

-Everyone was dressed to kill and looked gorgeous

-Smiled broadly exposing their egg – shell white teeth.

-The bride and the bridegroom exchanged vows as the congregation cheered thunderously.

-The maids and the flower girls were beautifully dressed and they looked spick and span.

-The bride swayed her lips left to right, her beautiful dress sweeping the floor.


-My teeth rattled as my feet buckled at the sight of ……… -Felt a strong grip on my neck followed by a smack.

-They were armed to the teeth like soldier in a battle field.

-Victims were frog – marched to the police car and driven away at a terrific speed.

-The man had a protuberant stomach, thick mustache and eyes as red as berries.

-My heart palpitated as I waited anxiously -The thieves were apprehended by the police.

-I heaved a sigh of relief.


-We helplessly fought the raging fire without success.

-The charred remains were taken to the morgue.

-Thousands of sparks nose making the sky look like a huge glistering city.

-Tongues of fire roared like an angry monster.

-The buildings were reduced to ashes. Scores of fire victims lay groaning in pain and agony.

-The fierce fire spread rapidly.

-Thick smoke billowed from the burning house.

-Thick clouds of smoke formed up in the sky.


-The injured writhed and groaned in pain and agony.

-The vehicle was reduced to nothing but a mangled wreck.

-Heard a screeching of breaks……..

-Searing pain stubbed their nerves.

-Sombre mood engulfed the onlookers.

-Some flying debris got lodged into my………

-Glass shattered and few pieces found their way into my eyes.

-The blast lifted the bus off the ground, sending passengers flying in all directions.

-Bled profusely at the rate of a leaking pot……..


-To lose heart

-To throw dust in the eye.

-To live from hand to mouth

-To show a white flag

-Thick in the head

-A red letter day

-To take a French leave

-Make a mountain out of an anthill

-To smell a rat

-To turn tables

-To bury the hatchet -To sweep the board

-The lion’s share

-Golden voice

-To make both ends meet


-As ugly as a scarecrow

-As honest as a mirror

-As heavy as lead

-As stupid as a pot

-As harsh as truth

-As humble as a worm

It should be noted that it would be very difficult to use all the given vocabularies in one composition. Never the less, learners should aim at using as many vocabularies as possible. A leaner could be asked to write a second composition on the same theme after some time but this time instructed to use different vocabularies from the ones used in the first composition. This would encourage creativity as there are different ways carrying out a task, composition writing being one of them.


These are some of the themes one can write on when given an open composition. It is however important to make sure that whatever you write on is smoothly connected with the beginning of a composition given.  For example

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived. I woke upexcitedlooking forward to the interesting day ahead that was to be spent in a game park……………..(one then writes on a visit to the game park)

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived. I woke up excitedalmost not believing that I was going to be involved in my cousin’s wedding…………(then one writes about a wedding ceremony)

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived. I woke up excitedand prepared myself quickly so as not be left by the school bus that was to take us to Nakuru Agricultural show………….(then one writes about a visit to the agricultural show)

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived. I woke up excited. I was eager to accompany my parents to the supermarket to purchase goods to take to my grandmother…….(then one writes on a visit to the supermarket or shopping)

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived. I woke up excited,little did I know that I was to witness one of the most serious accidents in our area………….(Then one writes about an accident)

It should be noted that even for guided composition a candidate can still choose to write on a different topic so long as it is smoothly changed at the beginning. A candidate could for instance decide to approach the composition as follows

We lined up on both sides of the road from the school gate ready to welcome a Member of Parliament (MP). It was a school prize giving day……. However little did we know that the occasion was never to be. We had waited for two hours when suddenly it begun to rain heavily………………………………….(Thenone can write about an accident during the rains, adventure of going home late after the rains, going shopping after the MP failed to come among many other themes one can think about.

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