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History Topical Questions on Citizenship Revision

Citizenship Topical Questions

Conditions one must fulfill in order to become a Kenyan citizen by Naturalization

  • Be aged 21 years and above
  • Must have lived in Kenya legally for not less than 4 years for the last 7 years period
  • One must have adequate knowledge of Kiswahili language
  • One must have lived in Kenya legally for the last 12 months before making the application
  • Must denounce the previous citizenship
  • Must satisfy the minister in charge that he/she is of good character as law abiding

Any 2 x1 = 2mks


9.         – When one is not a Kenyan by birth or descent and fails to meet the basic requirement to maintain

            Citizenship eg. Loyalty to Kenyans


5.i) Disloyalty to the country by way speech or action

            ii) Giving secrets of the country to its enemies.

            iii)Imprisonment for 12 months or more within  the 5 years of registration.

            iv) If one has been out of the country for more than 5 years and has not registered with        the             Kenyan embassy.

             v) If registration was obtained through fraud.

             vi) If one has dual citizenship and fails to give up citizenship of the other country within     3             months of registration                                                                          (2×1=2mks)


6.Under what two circumstances can the government deprive of Kenya citizenship?

         i)  If one has been disloyal to the country through action or speech.

         ii) If one trades the secrets of Kenya to the enemy or assist the enemy during war.

         iii)If one is sentenced to imprisonment for period of 12 months or more within five years            from the period of registration

         iv) One had been out of the country for seven years or more and had not                                   notified the Kenyan embassy

         v) If is proved that the registration or naturalization was through fraud corruption.

                                       vi)  If one had dual citizenship of the other country within three months of                                         registration and failed to denounce one.                                                         Any 2×1=2mks


13.Name one way of becoming a Kenyan citizen.                                                               (1mk)

  • Birth
  • Registration
  • Naturalization

1 x 1 =1mk

ANS 13 DIST 14

6.         – Participating in development projects.

            – Maintaining high moral standards

            – Obey the law.

            – Being patriotic.

            – reporting law breakers.

            – respecting rights and freedom of others

            – participating in the democratic process        2×1 = 2mks

7.         – right to own property

            – right to work or access employment

            – right to form or join trade unions with others to ensure fair working conditions

            – right to enjoy national resources equitably.            3×1 = 3mks

ANS 6,7 DIST 16

22.       a)        – Responsibility to protect life

                        – Allow others to worship freely

                        – Not to enslave others

                        – Not to discriminate against others

                        – Allowing others to assemble and associate freely

                                    (Any 3 x 1=3mks)

20.b) i)       Respecting the rule of law / abiding by the law

                  ii)      Participating in democratic process e.g. voting

  1. Forming or joining political parties
  2. Exercising tolerance especially in view of the composition of Kenyan society and their ethnics diversity
  3. Being loyal to the countries authority / government 
  4. Participating in national development
  5. Reporting law breakers
  6. Contributing one’s views in matters that affect the state.                           (5×2=10mks)

ANS 20b DIST 18

21.a)      Name three circumstances under which the government can deprive one of Kenyan

        citizenship. (3mrks)

  1. Disloyalty to the country by way of speech or actions.
  2. Giving secrets of the country to its enemies,
  3. If one  is imprisoned for 12 months or more  within five years of registration.
  4. If one has been out of the country for more than five years and has not registered with the Kenyan


        (3 x 1 = 3marks)

Topical Questions and Answers History Citizenship in Kenya

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