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Business Studies Mocks Questions and Answers Compilations

More than 20 County Mocks Business Studies Questions and Answers

These are business questions and answers that are good for both students and teachers.

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Answer all questions in the spaces provided

1.   The table below describes some terminologies used in business Studies. Identify the term given to each statement                                                                                                                                                                      (4mks)

a)Activities carried out with a view to making profit 
b)Increasing  the usefulness of a good or service 
c)Movement  of goods from producers to consumers 
d)A person who uses a good or service 
  1. State four factors that an entrepreneur would consider before investing in a business opportunity              (4mks)
  2. Outline four measures that may be taken by an office to safeguard the property of the organization          (4mks)
  3. Highlight four features of a departmental store                                                                                             (4 mks)
  4. Among the documents required by the Registrar of companies is  the Articles of Association. Highlight four contents of the Articles of Association                                                                                                              (4 mks)
  5. State four reasons why consumers need protection from unscrupulous  traders                                               (4 mks)
  6. One of the  flagship projects by the Kenyan Government is LAPSSET  and Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). Outline  four benefits of the new Railway line to the Kenyan economy                                                                (4mks)
  7. Highlight  four limitations of a siren as a means of communication                                                               (4 mks)
  8. State  four merits of a bonded warehouse  to the Government                                                                       (4 mks)
  9. Give any Four contents of a cover note                                                                                                         (4 mks)
  10. The descriptions stated below refer to various methods advertisement. For each description give the method that best matches it.                                                                                                                                                 (4 mks) Description                                                                                         Method of advertisement

a)   Any mention of a person/firm or product in the mass media       

b)   Presentation of a commodity to prospective buyers, face to face

by a sales person with an aim of making sales                                       

c)   Process of information with a view of creating, promoting or

maintaining good will and favourable image of the organization

to the Public                                                                                        

d)   Any paid form of impersonal presentation of a product made through

mass communication Media                                         

  1. Identify what is represented by the letters W,X,Y and Z in the diagram  below                                               (4 mks)
Download These Files for Free in Either .Pdf or Ms Word


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