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TPD Assessment Portfolio and Rubrics

TPD Assessment Portfolio and Rubrics

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a systematic, integrated and meaningful collection of a learner’s day-to-day classroom work or artifacts that provide a visual of their own learning, progress, and achievement. 
It provides evidence of achievement or mastery over a period of time

Importance of a learner’s portfolio

It enables learners to show quality of work in collaboration with others;
Instructional goals are set at the beginning and shared with the learner;
Provides a clear profile of learners in terms of abilities and interests;
It allows demonstration of a wide range of competencies;
It demonstrates leaner’s progress over time; 
It gives learners an opportunity to reflect on their work, and;
It enables learners to demonstrate their creativity.

Component of a good portfolio
A cover page;
Table of content
Entries in form of drafts or completed work, dates and;
Reflections on the items presented. 
Note: A portfolio can be physical (manual) or electronic (e-portfolio

Stages of developing a portfolio

Collection of work samples
Selection of work samples

Effective Management of a Portfolio

Review entries in the portfolio with learners regularly;
Focus more on quality than quantity;
Involve the learners in organizing the portfolio, and;
Organize for the storage of the learners’ portfolios.

Assessment Rubrics 

  • Rubric consist of a set of score points and related descriptors that articulate the criteria and performance levels in a learning arranged in a measure of quality. 
  • The criterion describes what a completed piece of work looks like.
  • Grading should be solely based on learners’ achievement in meeting the learning outcomes of the subject areas.

Types of Rubrics
 Analytic Rubric
Breaks down content or tasks being assessed into parts.
Assesses each part separately
Holistic Rubric
Assesses overall performance on a task as a single entity. 
Scores the overall competencies of the learner

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