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Home Science Form 4 Paper 1 Questions and Answers End Term 1 Exam Free

Home Science Form 4 Past Paper 1 Questions with Marking Scheme


Answer ALL questions in this section in the spaces provided

  1. Mention two functions of cholecalciferol in the body.            (2 Marks)
  • Suggest three causes of malnutrition.        (3 Marks)
  • What are the effects of immersing a hot aluminium frying pan in cold water?          (2 Marks)
  • Explain three forms of advertisements.                  (2 Marks)
  • Write the following abbreviations in full                  (2 Marks)
    • BCG
    • TBA
  • Name two methods which could be used to serve meals at home.         (2 Marks)
  • What are the determinants of safe parenthood?       (3 Marks)
  • Identify three points to bear in mind when buying land for a family house.  (3 Marks)
  • State three basic instructions on the use of medicines.   (3 Marks)
  1. Give three advantages of using credit cards.  (3 Marks)
  1. Name four fabrics that should not be wrung during laundering.    (2 Marks)
  1. State three functions of pressing cloth.       (3 Marks)
  1. State two qualities to look for when choosing a stiletto.  (2 Marks)
  1. Identify six substances that are added to soap during manufacturing.   (3 Marks)
  1. Give two ways of purifying water for small scale use.  (2 Marks)
  1. Differentiate between food fortification and food supplements. (2 Marks)

Homescience f4 Paper 1 Questions SECTION B (20 MARKS)


  1. You are preparing to host your grandparents over the weekend.
    1. Describe the method you would use to clean a varnished wooden table to be used in the dinning room. (6 Marks)
    1. Give six principles you would observe when removing stains from the table clothe to be used.      (6 Marks)
    1. Outline the procedure you would use when cleaning a toilet to be used by your grand parents (8 Marks)

Home Science F4 Paper 1 Questions SECTION C (40 MARKS)

Answer ANY TWO questions from this section in the spaces provided after question 20.

  1. a) What do the following terms mean as used in consumer education.
  2. Consumer                                                                                                                          (1 Mark)
  3. Goods                                                                                                                                (1 Mark)
  4. Services                                                                                                                             (1 Mark)
  5. Explain four sources of information for the consumer.                                                          (8 Marks)
  6. (i) Define a budget.                                                                                                                 1 Mark)

            (ii) Explain four factors that may affect a budget.                                                                 (8 Marks)

  1. a)   Give four symptoms of food poisoning.                                                                                 (4 Marks)
  2. Explain four causes of food spoilage.                                                                                         (8 Marks)
  3. Suggest eight measurers to take in the prevention of food poisoning.                                           (8 Marks)
  4. a)   List three types of scissors used in clothing construction.                                                     (3 Marks)
  5. Identify three methods of transferring pattern Markings on a fabric.                                    (3 Marks)
  6. Give three features of well made permanent stitches.                                                            (3 Marks)
  7. Without using a diagram outline how to make a double stitched seam.                    (11 Marks)
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