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FORM 3 END OF TERM 3 2022 Exam-ENGLISH PP2 Answers



(a)   – Travelling by air is unpleasant because one sits too near1 the other passengers/friends/travellers1 that there‟s hardly any room for personal space.The candidate must paraphrase the words ‘close proximity’ and ‘companion’ No mark if the response has been lifted. (2×1=2 marks)
(b)  -In a train you can  walk in a corridor/stretch your legs1, look for a vacant seat in a different compartment1 or spend the time eating snacks in the buffet car;13×1=3 marks Key words: walk/stretch your legs, vacant seat and eating snacks.
(c)   –  The expression, „tired sandwiches‟ and „a brown liquid‟ referred to as coffee1 give the impression the writer considers the meals uninteresting/unimaginative/unappetizing/unpalatable/perhaps stale1 the type of food one is forced to eat; Or the author doesn‟t like/hates1 the food served in the train as he refers to it as „brown liquid‟, „tired sandwiches‟.1      Key words: Brown liquid Tired sandwiches Doesn’t like/hates/detests Unappetizing/sta le   (2×1= 2 marks) .
(d)  -Those who get lucky or are fortunate1 are shameless liars1/lie about it/ They are dishonest about it/pretend to be unwell./ The feels he cannot lie / get favours in an improper way.1  (2×1= 2 marks)  
(e)   –  The writer envies those who get the window seat because:Any 4 points; 4×1=4       marks.      The
 They can afford to stretch their legs;1a They can easily fasten their seat belts;1b Have a chance to rest their arms;1c Have access to the view outside;1d They can easily access meals/food;1e They are saved from being pushed from every side;1f  responses must be in point use of dashes, bullets, and numbers. If not penalize by reducing ½ mark from the total scored. Do not penalize for faulty expressions.
(f)  -This is a simile.1 It means the speaker is squeezed from every side/with no room for maneuver just like a sausage in a packet1/ he feels hopeless/useless.1The      candidate     must appreciate/recognize that this is a simile, followed by an explanation. A ward 1 mark if this is not done; (2×1=2 marks)
(g)  -I will not tell you about other miseries because of/due to time and space1./Due to time and space, I will not tell you about other miseries.1  For the second option accept the response if it is well punctuated with a comma. Otherwise, a ward zero if any of punctuation marks is missing
(h)  -The passengers referred to are the fattest man and the fidgeting child.1 The fat man grabs and eats the writer‟s food/He loses his food to the fattest man. Secondly, the fidgeting child scatters his food. Thirdly, the writer is wedged/squeezed/trampled such that he can‟t find ample space to even stretch himself.1  (2 marks I mark for identity of the passengers; I mark for an explanation of how offensive they are;                  
(i) –  The author tries to down play the much hyped travel by air. He shares with us his tribulations while travelling by air thus2 marks Identity of the correct
 capturing our mood. The mood therefore is described as: Fearful/tensed/anxious/frightening/nervous/terrifying indicated by phrases like, „….meet your maker without delay,‟ „…… it is an international disaster;1 Sympathetic/bitter/dismayed/disappointed/critical. We feel sympathetic/feel sorry for the woes the writer goes through/ what he is subjected to. He does not get proper meals nor does he feel comfortable.mood; 1 mark; Illustration/explanation; 1 mark; NB. No mark without explanation/illustration.  


1.She refers to the previous Christmas when she spent every evening for three full weeks making ornaments for the Christmas tree. Her husband says it was the dullest three weeks he had spent.(2 marks)

2.The couple is happy that Mr. Helmer has been to the level of a bank manager. They are happy that the position will ease their financial burden and they will have a lot of money to spend.(2 marks)

3.Parental responsibility/the role of women in the society. Nora is committed to please her family. Krogstad says, “You had the best of intentions to please us all”

Falsehood-Mr Helmer tells Nora to say he is not at home if it’s a visitor. (4 marks)

4. ,isn’t there? (1 mark)

5.  -The lady is Mrs. Linde.

-She is Nora’s school days times.

-She asks Nora talk to her husband to give her job because of his title.

-She gets the job which is to make Krogstad lose his job.

– Krogstad writes a letter exposing Nora’s forgery to prevent Helmer from sacking him.

-Mrs Linde speaks to Krogstad on her behalf and Krogstad withdraws his revenge plans.

-The Helmers reputation is protected although their marriage finally breaks. (6 marks)

6.Flashback. “How could I help the cat’s going in and tearing everything to pieces?” This refers to the previous Christmas                                                                                            (2 marks)

7.  Helmer goes into his room while the maid ushers in Mrs. Linde. Mrslinde greets Nora in a dejected voice but Nora does not seem to recognize her. Later she remembers her as christen and observes that Christine has changed greatly. She agrees she has changed because they last met nine or ten years back.                                                                                      (4 marks)

8i) Provoke

ii) Boring/uninteresting

iii) Bother, an inconvinience

iv) Visitor


  1. With a reason, classify this oral narrative.                                                                 (2marks)

Aetiological narrative. Explain the cause of tortoise’s rough shell.

  • Identify and illustrate two features of oral narratives evident in the story above.         (4marks)
  • The use of song. There is a song sang by dog to signal to the mother to drop the rope.
  • There is fantasy. There’s dog’s mother in the sky and the singing.
  • How important is the song sang by dog important to his mother?                                 (2marks)
  • She is reminded that she is the only mother left.
  • She gets the signal that dog is waiting for the rope to be dropped.
  • Why did the dog have to sing at that particular spot?                                                     (2marks)

So that his mother would drop a rope for him to climb to the sky where his mother would have a feast waiting for him.

  • Describe two character traits of Dog as depicted in the story.                                        (4marks)
  • Wise. Does not kill his mother has other animals do. He hides her in the sky.
  • Protective. He warns the mother that it is not him climbing the rope and that she should cut the rope.
  • Explain one theme evident in the story.                                                               (2marks)

Selfishness. All the other animals sacrifice their mothers for their survival.

  • The following day, the tortoise went to the same spot and disguising his voice like the dog’s, he sang the song he had heard the dog sing the day before.                                                              (1mark)

Rewrite beginning with: The tortoise…

The tortoise went to the same spot the following day and disguising his voice like the dog’s, he sang the song he had heard the dog sing the day before.

  • Give the meaning of the following words as used in the story.                           (3marks)
  • Drastic       extreme/radical
  • Disguising  hiding/concealing
  • Glue           stick


4. (a)shrunk1 normalcy1 hazardous1 predominantly1 inseparably  5×1=5 marks; Reject for a misspelt word;
(b)turns up/drops in/shows up;1 hand over;1 calming down;1(3 marks) Note the tense of the phrasal verb. If changed, reject
(c)  How bizarre was the incident!1 To work around without a mask is dangerous;/It is dangerous to walk around without a mask;1 It would be extremely unwise to open schools amid the Covid-19 pandemic;1  iv) Hardly had the councilor sat down when the people burst into his officeDeny ½ mark if the response is correct but poorly punctuated; 4×1=4 marks
(d)a) to b) in c) for     
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