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FORM 1 END OF TERM 3 2022 Top Rank Exam-AGRICULTURE  Answers

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END  OF TERM 3 2022


1.Give four importance of land preparation in crop production (4mks)

To kill weeds

To incorporate manure and other organic matter into the soil

To aerate the soil

To encourage the penetration of roots in the soil

To encourage water infiltration into the soil

2.List four factors that determines the type of irrigation used in crop production (4mks)

Capital availability

Topography of the land

Water availability

Type of soil

Types of soil to be irrigated

3.Give five characteristics of fertile soil (5mks)

Good depth

Proper drainage

Good water holding capacity

Adequate nutrients supply

Correct soil PH

4. Mention five importance of drainage as a land reclamation method (5mks)

To increase soil aeration

To increase soil volume

Ta raise soil temperature

To reduce soil erosion

To remove toxic substances

5.List four types of livestock farming practices (4mks)


Fish farming

Bee keeping (apiculture)

Poutry keeping

6.list the three types of a spanner and give the maintenance of the spanners (5mks)

Ring spanner, open –ended spanner and adjustable spanner

ii)mainteinance-applying oil on the metallic parts to prevent rusting

7.Define the term minimum tillage and give five minimum tillage practices (6mks)

Minimum tillage is the application of a combination of farming practices aimed at least disturbance of soil

ii)Application of herbicides in controlling weeds

Use of mulch on the soil surface

Timing cultivation

Establishing a cover crop on the field

Uprooting or slashing weeds in perennial crop

8.List four factors that influence soil formation (4mks)


Parent rock materials



9.Give four importance of treating water (4mks)

To kill diseases causing micro – organism ie cholera

To remove chemical impurities such as excess fluoride

To remove smell and bad taste

The remove sediments of solid particles such as soil

10.What are some of the agricultural practices that pollute water?(3mks)

Uses of inorganic fertilizers

Use of pesticides

Poor cultivation practices ie over cultivation

11.Differentiate between a garden trowel and a masons trowel (2mks)

A garden trowel is a grden tool used for lifting seedlings from the nurserywhile a masons trowel is a masonry tool used to place mortal between construction stones and bricks

12.State two effects of HIV/AIDS on agriculture (2mks)

Shortage of farm labour

Lowers food supply

Low income

13.Give the uses and maintenance of the following tools

a)Wheel barrow (2mks)

wheel barrow is used in transportation of heavy loads ie the manure

mainteinance-the moving parts should be lubricated

b)Spoke shave (2mks)

spoke shave used to smoothens the wood surfaces

the loose nuts and bolts should be tighened

c)milking churn (2mks)

used to holding milk and milk transportation

maintainenance – thorough cleaning and sterilized after every use

14.State the reasons for proper care and maintenance of farm tools and equipments (4mks)

To increase durability of tools

To reduce the replacement cost

To increase efficiency of tools

To avoid injury to the user

To avoid damage to the tools

15.Give the 3 fields of horticultural farming and describe what they entail(3mks)

Floriculture- involves growing of flowers

Olericulture – growing of vegetables ie cabbage

Pomology –growing of fruits ie mangoes

16.     The diagram below shows some workshop tools. Study them and answer the questions that follow

(a) Identify the tools A and B                   (2mks)

Apipe wrench

B ring spanner

(b) State the correct use of the tool labeled A               (2mks)

For holding tightening and loosening metallic pipes

(c) Explain one maintenance practice carried out on the tool A(1mk)

The tool should be cleaned after use

17.     State four catergories of farm tools and equipment(4mks

  • Workshop tools and equipment
  • Gardening /Garden tools and equipment
  • Livestock production tools
  • Plumbing tools and equipment
  • Masonry tools and equipment                                                                                          
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