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FORM 1 END OF TERM 3 2022 Exam-BUSINESS Questions And Answers

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                                    TIME: 1 ½ HOURS

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Answer all questions in the spaces provided.

  1. State four characteristics of basic wants.                                                                   (4mks)
  2. Classify each of the following production activities as either Primary, Secondary or Tertiary.                                                                                                                    (4mks)
ActivityLevel of production
Constructing a bridge 
Transporting medicines 
Growing vegetables 
Making tea 
  • 3. Name four commercial services which are useful to a manufacturer.                       (4mks)
  • State the type if utility created in each of the following cases.                                  (4mks)
  • There is exchange hence one is able to acquire what they do have.
  1. Goods are stored until when they are needed.
  1. Goods are taken to where they are required.
  1. Converting goods to the right shapes and sizes required.
  • Highlight four characteristics of Direct production.                                                  (4mks)
  • What are the payments for the following factors of production.                               (4mks)
  • Labour
  1. Capital
  1. Enterprenuer
  1. Land
  • State four disadvantages of Division of labour and specialization.                            (4mks)
  • State four functions of an entrepreneur.                                                                     (4mks)
  • Apart from shows and exhibitions list four other sources of business ideas.             (4mks)
  1. Highlight four reasons why a business needs a business plan.                                   (4mks)
  1. State four ways of classifying goods and services produced in an economy.            (4mks)
  1. Name four duties carried out in an office.                                                                  (4mks)
  1. Highlight four characteristics of a good filing system.                                              (4mks)
  1. List four roles of filing in an office.                                                                           (4mks)
  1. List three types of office layouts.                                                                               (3mks)
  1. Name the office equipment used to perform each of the following tasks.                 (4mks)
  2. Printing stamp impression on envelops.
  • Cutting paper into required sizes
  • Pinning papers together
  • Recording, processing, sorting and retrieving information.
  1. State four factors to be considered when selecting office equipment.                       (4mks)
  1. State essential qualities of an office staff.                                                                  (3mks)
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