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10 Reasons Why People Fail to Achieve Their Goals


Having the goals is one thing and achieving them is another. Most people claim to have goals whether on papers or in mind. However, we end up not achieving them because we lacked the knowledge on how to set them and accomplish them effectively.

It is likely that many people who understand the importance of having the goals, have no goals to guide them. Approximately 80% of the population. The remaining 20% have goals to guide them for a better life, unfortunately, 70% of them fail to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

It may be true that not all goals are attainable, but we can work towards identifying the reasons why our goals dint work.  Knowing the reasons why we failed on our goals help us take the corrective steps. It may be that our strategies are wrong hindering us from achieving them.

Below are the most common reasons why people fail to reach their goals.

1. Setting Goals Which are Not Specific

Knowing what exactly you want to achieve keeps you motivated.  People fail to achieve their goals because they are not specific. They are not sure of what they are working on. They always give a general wish and a vague one. You here them say they want to be happy or rich but are not sure how to get there.

Vague goals will always produce vague results. Different strategies are used to achieve different types of goals. The strategy to achieve a health goal is different from that of becoming rich. Therefore, if you are not specific, it is impossible to create an action plan to attain those goals. So, start by making your goals specific

2. Fear of Success or Failure

Some people fail to achieve their goals just because they fear to fail. They are full of worry asking themselves ‘what if I don’t succeed?’ they end up not making a trial to attain their goals. They lack inner believe in their potential. Mostly they focus on what people will say when they fail.

Fear will make your goals impossible to reach. Your past failure should not dictate your future. Believe in yourself, realize your capabilities and work on your goals. Remember, Failure is the first step to success.

3. Not Translating Your Goals Into Daily Action

We are pushed to the sky when we set our goals only to realize we have nowhere to start. Our goals should be translated to a daily action so that we can make them achievable. However big our goals can be it is possible to achieve them by having a positive perception.

 You can’t put a whole elephant in your mouth, the best way is to take a bite at a time. Break your goals into a bite sized pieces. Work on every piece at a time. Different strategies can be used in different stages, but the main aim is to achieve the main goal.

Small achievable goals take short time to accomplish hence giving us some energy and a sense of accomplishment to push us towards the main goal.

4. Lack of Commitment To Your Goals

This is a common reason why most people fail to achieve their goals. They set their goals, talk about them but they are not committed to achieve them. They keep procrastinating the action. You need to understand that no results without action. Some effort must be applied for better results. Be consistence in your action at least one step each day.

5. Not Passionate About Your Goals

Pasion pushes a person ahead. If you work on your goals halfheartedly and are trying something for the sake of doing it, then it will not work. You will hold back some effort and energy that may be required in achieving your goals. You must be passionate about your goals and the process of achieving them.

6. Setting Goals That are Not Motivating

According to Tony Robbins ‘people are not lazy, only that they have impotent goals that do not inspire them’. if your goals are not motivating, you will never want to take action. For your goals to be motivating, you must attach emotional reasons why you would want to achieve them. Your reason become the driving force that will propel your motivation.

7. Having Many Goals To Achieve

You cannot be focused if you have several things to achieve. Some people will have several goals to achieve and lack enough focus. Imagine being in a dart board with three targets in mind? It is likely that you will lose the game. It is impossible to hit three targets simultaneously. Therefore, determine that one target and focus on it and likely you will win the game. Eliminate all other goals and focus on one. Once you achieve it, pick another one and move forward with it and the cycle continuous. Always start by choosing the goal with the highest return on effort.

8. You Fail to Write Your Goals Down

Sometimes we fail achieving our goals because we only leave them in our heads. Avoid keeping your goals in your head. Write them down and keep them visible to you. Writing them down make them real and that you hold your self accountable for achieving them.

9. Giving Too Many Excuses

Unsuccessful people will always give excuses. They will always complain how the economy is bad. Giving continuous excuses limits you from moving forward. If the economy is hard, why not change it. Remember, successful people remain focused on their goals and that they work hand to achieve them.

10. Giving Up On Your Goals Too Quickly

Giving up on the way is a common reason why most people fail to achieve their goals. Since we live in the society with instant results from internet, we tend to think we can also get instant results for our goals. That not the case with our goals.

Think of those successful people you admire. Most of them started with nothing. They have remained focused even when challenges hit them. The society will only show us how successful they are, but will never unveil the scene behind to explain how these people got there. We end up thinking it was overnight success. Always remain committed and focused. Be passionate knowing you will see success soon.


Knowing our mistakes and overcoming them is the first step to building a highway to your goals. Know that your goals are in your hands and you can achieve them if you want to.  Remain focused so that you can be able to conquer challenges. With focus, you can overcome all obstacles.

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